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Plumbing Engineering

Oghubros’s plumbing engineers take a “holistic” approach, incorporating sustainable design principles and energy efficiency into all design commissions. Our goal is to provide plumbing systems that meet our client’s expectations in terms of function, cost, efficiency and environmental impact.

Plumbing waste and vent systems
Domestic water and hot water systems
Central domestic water heating plant design
Storm water drainage systems
Industrial plumbing system design
High pressure piping systems
Rainwater reclamation systems
Medical gas systems
Vacuum systems
Laboratory gas systems

Acid neutralization pre-treatment systems
Compressed air and piping design
Natural gas and propane systems
Commercial kitchen systems
Oil and grease waste and separation systems
Sump pump/sewage ejector/lift station design
Chemical waste drainage systems
Backflow prevention design
Solar hot water and storage systems
Peer review services