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Construction Engineering

Oghubros’s success is founded on its core ability to develop design solutions that are innovative and efficient. Beginning in 2011, the first Oghubros design projects were successful by virtue of its strong working relationships with regional contractors and private-sector businesses in Nigeria. Its development of the SPIN FIN™ pile and OPEN CELL™ bulkhead concepts resulted from matching our engineering skills to the realities of construction operations and market needs. This effort to know the construction business, its people, and mindset has been essential to Oghubros’s long-term success.

In today’s industry, Oghubros continues to provide engineering services to contractors for temporary structures. Known formally as construction engineering, this company skill is simply an application of structural/civil design within the ever-changing and increasingly complex construction environment. The clients served to date include major companies in the oil and gas sector, supporting work to construct signature span bridges, lock and dam structures, and equally providing service to niche contractors in local and regional markets.

Civil Engineering

We offer services such as:

• Building construction (reinforced concrete structures, steel structures and composite structures)
• Road construction (bridges, rigid and flexible pavement and paving stones)
• Procurement and leasing of heavy duty construction equipment
• Consulting (project management, structural design and CAD drafting)
• Construction management / Maintenance Services
• Engineering /Logistics support